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How To Use The Editor

See the comprehensive guide to the level editor, made by Darken:
Get started - Constraints - Hints and tips

If you experience any trouble with the editor, please try to
- install or update Java
- use Google Chrome
- refresh this page
- check that the zoom of your browser is set to 100%

The editor is still at a beta stage, that means you might find bugs and that some features are missing.
We are working on improving it.

1. Login

First, create an account on your phone.

2. Create your level

Don't forget to fill the "Title" and "Description" text fields.
Once you are done, click on the button to send the level to your phone.

3. Test it

Back to your phone.

4. Publish it!

After reviewing your level, we will publish it.


First you need to login with your username and password.
If you don't have an account you can register for free from your phone, in the online screen by touching this button:

Add Objects To The Game Area

You can right-click anywhere in the game area to add blocks or you can also use the "Add to Game Zone" button.
Each piece you add can be translated, rotated. You can also add some constraints to them like "Spring" or "Pivot"...

There are 3 different sub-areas in the editor:

Test Your Level

Simply click on the icon:

Your draft level is now saved on our servers but only you can access it. You can retrieve it from your phone and play it.

On your phone, in the online screen touch this button:

and you will be able to try the level you designed.

You can repeat these steps as many times as you wish while designing your level.

Publish Your Level

Happy with what your level looks like?
It's time to publish it!

First don't forget to fill the "Title" and "Description" text fields.
A few words are enough; if you leave them blank we'll choose a name for you but we cannot guarantee you'll like it. :)

Publishing your level can be done only from your phone. You need to clear your level at least once, this is to ensure nobody publishes a level which has no solution.

So in the winning screen simply press:

and your level will be submitted for approval.
We will review your level and send you a notification email as soon as we accept it.

In the meantime you can begin to design a new level, no need to wait for our approval.


If you want to make your level more "lively" you can optionally add constraints to some blocks.
This will create effects like motor or spring...
You can right-click on any block to add a constraint.

Example: a rotating square

Let's begin with a very basic level:

If you try to play this level, the square will simply fall down on the ground.
Now, we want the square to rotate. We can do this by right-clicking on the square, then "Add Constraint" then "Simple Motor".

Try to play your level now. The result is not what you might expect: the square does rotate but it also falls down on the ground.

What if we want the square to rotate around itself, without falling down?
We cannot use the "static" property for objects with constraints. Actually we need to add another constraint: a Pivot.
Right-click on the square, "Add Constraint" and select "Pivot".
The pivot represents the axis of rotation for the square block. You can change its location to obtain different rotation effect.

Try to play your level again. Finally! We have a square revolving around itself. :)

There are many constraints that might need an additional Pivot, like Rotatory Spring, Ratchet Joint or Rotatory Limit Joint.
Using a Pivot is never compulsory, Simple Motor alone is perfectly correct, but remember that if the result is different from what you were expecting it might be because you forgot to add a Pivot.

Happy Design!