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Privacy Policy (Protection Policy for Social Game User Information)

Silicon Studio Corporation (“Company”) shall comply with the related laws and regulations and other rules for handling of the user information of the social game services (“Services”) (“User Information”) provided by the Company and make efforts to protect privacy of the users.

Information obtained and method of use

The Company shall obtain and use the information for the Services as follows.

Information to be provided

(1) An e-mail address shall be obtained to identify the user and prevent the unauthorized use at the time of registration or inquiries.

(2) Account information of the financial institution shall be obtained for the repayment of the virtual currency to the users when permitted to the Company by the laws and regulations.

Service use information

(1) Cookie

Cookie shall be used to provide better services through understanding the number of visits and the form of use of the Services used by the users and the size, etc. of the users for the improved convenience for the users including the storage of the set contents of the users and for the security including the maintenance and protection of the sessions.

The users may select to use the cookie or not, but in case of rejecting the storage of the cookie, a part of the Services including the services that require login may not be used.

(2) Log

Information including the IP address, browser type, browser language shall be automatically formed and stored when the users use the Services. The said information shall be used to analyze the user environment, provide better services and prevent illicit acts that impede normal service provision.

(3) Location information

A part of the Services use the location information transmitted from cellular phones. When the users use the said service, the location information shall be used within the range necessary for the said service. Further, the location information shall not be transmitted when the transmission of the location information is not permitted by setting of the cellular phones.

(4) Device information

Information of the device used by the users may be obtained (OS, individual identification information of the device, computer name, etc.). The said information shall be used to provide better services and prevent illicit acts that impede the customer identification and normal service provision.

Purposes of use of information

The Company shall use the User Information obtained for the following purposes.

● Smooth use of the Services by the users

● Responding to the customer support

● Responding to the inquiries from the customers

● Announcing information on the Services or advertisement information hosted by the business operators other than the Company

● Identifying customers at the time of inquiries from the users

● Billing processing at the time of use of paid services

● Preventing unauthorized use

● Informing other important notices in relation to the Services as required

Provision of information to third parties

1. The Company shall appropriately manage the User Information obtained from the users and shall not provide it to the third parties without obtaining prior consent of the users except for the following cases.

● The customer has previously consented.

● In accordance with the laws

● A user has violated the Terms of Use of the Services and there are enough grounds to determine that the personal information needs to be disclosed to protect the rights, assets and services of the Company.

● The provision is required to protect the life, body or assets of a person and it is difficult to obtain consent of the user.

● The provision is especially required to improve the public health or sound development of the children and it is difficult to obtain consent of the user.

● Cooperation is needed for the governmental agencies, local governments or those entrusted by the said agencies or governments to implement the administration under the laws and regulations, and obtaining of consent of the user is likely to interfere with the implementation of the said administration.

● The businesses of the Company are succeeded including the provision of the personal information by merger, company split, transfer of businesses and other reasons.

● The whole or part of the personal information obtained from the users is deposited to the business entrustee within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may use the payment service by a third party (including payment consolidation operators; hereinafter referred to as “Settlement Agencies”) to collect proceeds in relation to the Services. When making payments, the users may be transferred to the web page operated by the Settlement Agency (or a service provider of the Settlement Agency) (“Settlement Agency Page”) from the web site of the Company. In this case, an e-mail address of the user shall be provided to the Settlement Agency for issuing receipts. All of the information that the users provide on the web page of the Settlement Agency including the information on the numbers of the credit cards and debit cards, passwords, bank accounts and telegraphic transfers shall be obtained by the Settlement Agency and no by the Company.

When the Settlement Agency inquires about the payment to the Company, the Company may provide the following User Information: inquiry number, details of the services used by the user, payment date, ID, user registration date, number of inquiries made to the customer support, purchase activities and login access records to the account.

Joint use of information

When a business partner conducting the business jointly with the Company is required, the personal information of the users may be jointly used by the said business partner in providing the Services. In this case, the Company shall jointly use the personal information by announcing to the users the purpose of use, name of the business partner, information type and name of the manager.

Provision of information from the minor users

The Company would like to ask that the minor users shall use the Services and enter the information upon consent of the parents.

Disclosure, correction or deletion of information

The users may request the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, elimination or suspension of provision to a third party in relation to the User Information pursuant to the laws and regulations. Please send such request by mail to the following address in writing enclosed with the document certifying the identification of the user (a copy of a driver’s license, passport, etc.). The request shall be appropriately handled under the laws and regulations after the details of the request are confirmed.

● Details of the request (confirmation, correction, deletion, etc. Please specify the details of correction in case of correction).

(Contact address)

User Information Management Office

Silicon Studio Corporation

NR Building, 1-21-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013


800 yen per application

Please enclose a postage stamp for 800 yen.

Change of Privacy Policy

The Company shall review the operation conditions in relation to the handling of the User Information from time to time, make efforts for continuous improvements and change the Policy as required.

Inquiries for User Information

Please contact the following for inquiries in relation to the User Information of the users.


Established May 31, 2013

Silicon Studio Corporation






① 登録またはお問い合わせの際、ご本人確認または不正利用防止のために 電子メールアドレスを取得いたします。

② 当社が利用者に対し法令で認められた場合に仮想通貨を払い戻す際、払戻しのために金融機関の口座情報を取得いたします。


① クッキー(Cookie)

利用者の設定内容の保存等利用者の利便性向上のため、セッションの維持および保護等セキュリティのため、利用者が利用した本サービスに対する 訪問回数および利用形態、利用者の規模等の把握により、より良いサービスを提供するためにクッキーを利用いたします。


② ログ


③ 位置情報

本サービスの一部では、携帯電話等から送信される位置情報を利用して おります。利用者が該当サービスを利用された場合は、該当サービスに必要な範囲内で利用いたします。なお、携帯電話等の設定で位置情報の送信を 許可していない場合は、位置情報は送信されません。

④ 機器情報













1.当社は、利用者より取得させていただいた利用者情報を適切に管理し、  以下の場合を除きあらかじめ利用者の同意を得ることなく第三者に提供する ことはありません。



・利用者が本サービスの利用規約に違反し、弊社の権利、財産やサービス等を保護するために、個人情報を公開せざるをえないと判断するに足る十分な  根拠がある場合



・国の機関もしくは地方公共団体またはその委託を受けた者が法令の定める 事務を遂行することに対して協力する必要がある場合であって、本人の同意を得ることにより当該事務の遂行に支障を及ぼすおそれがある場合



2.前項の定めにかかわらず、当社は、本サービスに関連して発生した支払代金を集金する第三者による支払サービス(支払集約事業者を含みます。以下「決済代行会社」といいます)を利用することがあります。ユーザーが支払いを行いたい場合、当社ではなく、決済代行会社(又は決済代行会社のサービスプロバイダー)の運営するウェブページ(以下「決済代行会社のページ」といいます)に移動させられる場合があります。この場合、領収書発行のために、決済代行会社に対して利用者の電子メールアドレスが提供されます。クレジット カードやデビットカードの番号、パスワード、銀行口座、電信送金の情報を含む、ユーザーが決済代行会社のウェブページ上で提供するすべての情報は、決済代行会社により取得されるものであり、当社はこれを取得しません。

 決済代行会社が当社に支払いについて問い合わせた場合、当社は、以下の  利用者情報を提供する場合があります。:問い合わせ番号、利用者が利用したサービスの内容、支払日、ID、利用者登録日、カスタマーサポートへの連絡回数、購入活動、アカウントへのログイン・アクセスの記録。









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